Visual Identity Programme: COMTRAE-SP

For six consecutive years, Forest provided various communication services for projects conducted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Based on the consolidation of this relationship of trust, the organisation requested the development of a Visual Identity Programme for the Municipal Commission for the Eradication of Slave Labour (COMTRAE/SP). The main objective of this organism is to structure the municipal public policy to fight slave labour.

To translate COMTRAE/SP’s strategic action core into visual concepts, a participatory methodology was carried out with commission representatives. The facilitators recorded the participants’ responses to five questions on post-its: How do you perceive the voice of the commission? What are the tangible impacts of your performance? How do you characterise your target audiences? What feelings do you believe the organisation provokes in different segments of the public? What are COMTRAE/SP’s internal values?

Portfolio Manual COMTRAE SP

These inputs were systematised in keywords or simple phrases. The verbal material, then, originated a visual research and the establishment of two style matrices for the visual identity, identified as “prosperous future” and “tradition and history.” After the commission decided on one of the styles, the visual identity was developed based on traits that can be arranged and rearranged in diverse ways to indicate connections (between the organisations participating in the commission, with different audiences and between COMTRAE/SP and other bodies fighting modern slavery).


International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Client Relationship Manager

Manuela Costa

Visual Identity

William Jungmann