Social media planning: Where does our Tapajós river go? (INESC)

The Socioeconomic Studies Institute (INESC) produced the documentary series “Tapajós: a brief history of the changing of a river” with the aim of humanising and translating complex information from reports and research on the socioenvironmental impacts of soybean outflow in the small town of Miritituba, district of Itaituba, Pará. When distributing the content, the organisation contacted Forest’s team to design a campaign for social networks.

To start the planning process, an exploratory online survey was conducted, seeking data on the consumption of information and the perception of socioenvironmental themes linked to the documentary series. For this purpose, secondary data available free of charge from reliable research institutes were used. Information was also manually extracted from the organisation’s Instagram active followers’ profiles.

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The systematised data indicated that a considerable number of Brazilians are concerned with environmental preservation and view negatively the way public management works with the theme. However, this dissatisfaction and concern does not seem to manifest itself in political behaviours.

With these and other accumulated insights, characters were developed to represent the groups to be reached by the series’ publicity campaign. The construction of characters was based on individuals who already had some level of knowledge about the socioenvironmental problems explored by the work and showed openness to disseminate such information.

The campaign comprised 53 posts divided into platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) and characters. The content produced contributed to increase the movement of the organisation’s profiles and provoke interest in the series and its themes.

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