Strategic Communication Planning: SAVE Brasil

SAVE Brasil was about to complete 15 years of existence and, based on planning conducted with the team, the organisation saw the need to create a Communication Plan. This document should provide guidelines for dialogue and actions with different segments of the public, such as bird watchers, participants in the Amigos da SAVE (SAVE Friends) programme, the civil society, the academy and governments. The organisation’s intention was to get references and tools to ensure visibility for its actions and the positive impacts generated for the environment and society.

Based on this demand, Forest elaborated steps for the collection, analysis and systematisation of information in the Communication Plan. The steps included:

  • Preliminary report
  • Diagnosis
  • Strategic communication orientation
  • Budget for the activities planned
  • Evaluation method

For the production of the preliminary report and, subsequently, the diagnosis, documental research methodologies, semi-structured interviews and qualitative analysis were used (from SAVE social networks’ metrics and communication actions of organisations with similar purposes). The objective was to generate a broad vision of SAVE, identifying gaps, opportunities and inspirations for the proposition of strategies.

As a result, Forest identified communication actions regarding:

  • The production of a voice manual
  • The creation of protocols for sharing content by the team
  • Social media reviews
  • The creation of standard answers from a customer service manual
  • Training for volunteers
Portfolio SAVE Plano

In parallel with the planning activities, our team performed initial communication consulting services, which became an opportunity to better understand how SAVE Brasil’s content production and distribution works. During this period, newsletters and posts were written for social networks.


Sociedade para a Conservação de Aves do Brasil – Society for the Conservation of the Birds of Brazil (SAVE Brasil)

Research and Planning

Juliana Mendes and Manuela Costa