Strategic Communication Planning: ICV Socioproductive Networks

The Socioproductive Networks Project, conducted by the Life Centre Institute (ICV) with resources from the Amazon Fund/BNDES, strengthens family farming associations and cooperatives in the North and Northwest of Mato Grosso. Working with different target audiences in the nut, babassu, fruit and vegetable, milk, cocoa and coffee chains, the initiative had many ideas and excellent communication potential. However, there was a lack of strategies and a broad vision to consolidate dialogue channels.


Forest suggested the creation of a communication plan to analyse the project, proposing effective approaches and messages on family farming. The agency team conducted a diagnosis with context analysis and interviews with stakeholders. Planning identified strategies, actions and indicators to assess communication objectives.


The solutions found considered the importance of:

  • Disseminating content to influence the consumption of foods produced by family farming;
  • Informing producers about techniques, practices, regulations and public policies that can support their performance;
  • Mobilise society to value local, family and sustainable production;
  • Communicating project actions, creating transparency for the execution of activities.

Socioproductive Networks Project, ICV

Research and Planning

Gabriella Costa, Juliana Mendes and Amanda Fernandes