Social Media: Water for the Future Project (MPE-MT)

The need for water isn’t something new, not a thing of the past. The rights to this vital resource are conquered on a daily basis. The future of the preservation of water resources has arrived with a project conducted by the Public Ministry of Mato Grosso. Água para o Futuro – Water for the Future uses drones, apps and even augmented reality to identify, monitor and recover the water springs of Cuiabá (MT).

The citizens participate in the initiative through a smartphone app, used to identify the springs. The data are systematised in the cloud and support public civil actions.

The mobilisation of society in defence of the water springs in the capital of Mato Grosso can be seen on the project’s Facebook page. Since June 2017, Forest has been producing content and managing social media. The visual identity created explores different characters that present educational posts with engaging language and a charming design. Jacaré-Paguá and Socó have already got more than 5 thousand likes on the project’s Facebook page.

Every month, Forest presents the metrics report and the insights help us to constantly improve the content and encourage people to care for Cuiabá’s springs.


Public Ministry of the State of Mato Grosso


Amanda Fernandes and Thiago Foresti


Juliana Mendes, Manuela Costa and Thiago Foresti


William Jungmann, Renato Moll, Diana Salu, Victoria Oliveira and João Aranha


Diego Justino