Layout: Booklet “Family Farming: Laws, Obligations and Taxes”

The Socioproductive Networks project mapped a very specific demand from family farmers’ associations in the North and Northwest of Mato Grosso: legal and juridical information for the regularisation of their products’ sales. Conducted by the Life Centre Institute (ICV) with support from the Amazon Fund/BNDES, the project supports these farmers to ensure a better quality of life and local development.

Forest was asked to produce a booklet for this audience shortly after the ICV’s legal advisor had written a text. The guidelines covered complex topics – such as a tax for the circulation of goods, the role of the Individual Microentrepreneur and rural retirement – and the agency carried out a preliminary review of the language, suggesting changes to make the content more accessible.

After that, illustrations were created to present the themes, considering the diversity of representation of family farmers. The material was designed for print and web distribution.

Socioproductive Networks Project, ICV

Editorial Coordination

Juliana Mendes

Graphic Design, layout and illustrations

Diana Botelho

Spelling review

Lizandra Deusdará