Lagoa do Peixe National Park: SAVE Brasil

The Lagoa do Peixe National Park is located in the municipalities of Mostardas and Tavares, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. For migratory birds, this is a unique area in the southern coastal region. It is actually a shallow lagoon, about 35 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide. The water body is formed by small, interconnected lagoons, becoming a brackish water reservoir and a nursery for marine life.

SAVE Brasil identified the need to defend the National Park status of this area and therefore commissioned three videos from Forest. The first, aimed at society in general, aims to highlight the importance of the park for migratory birds, ecosystem services and community values. The second, targeted at political representatives, emphasises that losing the park means losing environmental benefits and, possibly, the birds. The third, focused on the local community, seeks to empower the population and talk about the advantages of the park’s existence.

The result are audiovisual pieces that captivate the audience and make an appeal for the maintenance of the Lagoa do Peixe National Park.

Portfolio SAVE Videos

Sociedade para a Conservação de Aves do Brasil – Society for the Conservation of the Birds of Brazil (SAVE Brasil)


Thiago Foresti

Executive Producer

Amanda Fernandes

Producer/Client Relationship Manager

Manuela Costa

Production, sound and image capturing

Luiz Carlos Marin Konzen


Rafael Stadniki Morato Pedreira