Intensive Livestock Farming – a new production paradigm in the Amazon (IPAM)

In 2014, IPAM was working to promote intensive livestock farming in the Amazon, in order to reduce new areas of deforestation. Data from the institute show that if only half of the rural properties in Acre adopt more intensive practices, the meat production in the state can grow at a rate of 2.2%, without further deforestation.

The production was filmed in Acre, and the team spent four days in the field. The video features educational animations that explain the functioning of the rotated pasture system, a technique that reduces the livestock footprint, improving the soil quality and reducing the slaughter time.

In this video, we meet Mr José de Rezende and Mr Luiz Augusto Ribeiro, two cattle ranchers from the state of Acre who have adopted intensification practices in their properties. Both are working in conformity with the legal framework of the New Forest Code and are able to produce without further deforestation. They are a good example that it is possible to produce more, without neglecting the environment.

The video produced by Forest for the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) in 2014 was an immense success on YouTube. It has already had more than 100 thousand views, adding up the totals on Forest and IPAM channels.


Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia – The Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)

Executive Producer

Amanda Fernandes


Thiago Foresti

Screenplay and Editing

Thiago Foresti


Wellinton Nascimento


Maurício Motta

Post-Production and Animation

Filipe Revoredo