Graphic Design: ICV Socioproductive Networks

Forest received a request from the Socioproductive Networks project to create attractive and informative packaging for family farming products in the North and Northwest of Mato Grosso. The objective was to present how the foods produced by these associations and cooperatives represent the history and work of small producers on their farms. Labels were delivered for products made from cocoa, babassu, coffee and milk.


Socioproductive Networks is an initiative of the Life Centre Institute (ICV) with support from the Amazon Fund/BNDES. The action comprises the nut, babassu, fruit and vegetables, milk, cocoa and coffee chains, promoting life improvement for farmers and the conservation of the forest.

Communication is a fundamental aspect of the project, which speaks to different audiences: consumers, farmers, associations and cooperatives, technicians and institutional partners. For each group, there’s a different piece. Forest produced folders, infographics, newsletters and webcards.

WC01 - AMPA V05 WJ [+Graphics]

For the Cooperativa Mista Ouro Verde (COMOV) in Alta Floresta, MT, in particular, design pieces were created for the points of sale. The totem, the promotional stand and the tasting table use illustrations that associate farmers to dairy products: mozzarella, yogurt and cheese.


Socioproductive Networks Project, ICV

Client Relationship Managers

Amanda Fernandes and Juliana Mendes


Diana Botelho, William Jungmann and Renato Moll