Forest Code: Look after it! (IPAM)

When the ruralist caucus in the National Congress proposed drastic changes to the Forest Code in 2012, several environmental organisations and the scientific community took a stand against it. Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop the changes and the new law was sanctioned by President Dilma Rousseff in October 2012.

In spite of the dissatisfaction with the changes achieved by the ruralist caucus, it was necessary to move forward towards the implementation of the New Code and guarantee transparency. The Code Observatory was created in 2013 and began to spread information about the law.

Forest was hired to create a campaign aimed at the general public, raising awareness of the importance of the instrument. The “Look After It” campaign serves to remind the population of the existence of the Code and the importance of the legislation. The videos adopt a trendy style, with songs that refer to “feminejo”: “sertanejo” music sung by women.

The result can be seen here, in the four pieces produced for the Forest Code Observatory.

The campaign did not have funding for broadcasting, but the distribution work conducted by Forest allowed the pro bono broadcast of the campaign on the following media: Cine Brasil TV, Canal Futura, TV Câmara, Rádio Nacional and community radio stations.


Instituto de Pesquisa da Amazônia (IPAM)

Executive Producer

Amanda Fernandes


Thiago Foresti


Thiago Foresti, Renato Moll e Juliana Mendes

Art Director

Renato Moll


Leandro Morais, Débora Valente e Sascha Kratzer

Set Decoration

Mariana Henrique

Motion Graphics

Filipe Revoredo

Sound Designer

Sascha Kratzer


Debora Machado

Musical Director

Leandro Morais