Communication Consulting: International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Brazil was one of the first nations to recognise child labour and contemporary slavery in its territory, in the 90s. The ILO International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour aims to combat, prevent and give visibility to the issue. Forest has been working with the organisation since 2013 – we’ve had several years of partnership, with the production of articles, newsletters, releases, graphic pieces and videos.


In May 2017, as a result of the launch of the 50 For Freedom campaign, Forest was invited to register the meeting of the organisation’s Good Will Ambassador, Wagner Moura, with four workers who had left slave labour. You can watch the video here, in our portfolio:

Besides producing news and webcards, Forest also produces one of our independent products with themes related to slave labour every two weeks: ForestComics.

The several years of partnership with ILO provided the production company with the background to write a script for a fictional series about slave labour and get funding from the National Cinema Agency (Ancine). The series was filmed in Alter do Chão, in the state of Pará, and in Cotriguaçu, in Mato Grosso. You can find more information about this work on our page about Independent Productions.


Organização Internacional do Trabalho (OIT)

Executive Producer

Amanda Fernandes

Audiovisual Producer

Thiago Foresti


Juliana Mendes e Manuela Costa


William Jungmann e Renato Moll