Communication and Visual Identity Plan: Forest+ Amazon project

The Forest+ Amazon project, a partnership between the Ministry of the Environment and the United Nations Development Program, implements strategies of Payment for Environmental Services (PES) to recover the forest and reduce polluting gas emissions. The support is focused on those who already protect the forest: small landowners, Indigenous people and traditional communities.

The initiative was taking its first steps when they hired Forest to answer to the demands to define guidelines and strategies for project communication. The diagnosis comprised an internal analysis of the project and its relationship with partners, as well as an external analysis of the scenario where the initiative takes place. In the process, we identify the communication purposes and different audience segments, represented by characters.

One challenge found was the need to generate digital content (accessible remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic) while segments of the public had difficulties to access the internet. The result was a media mix encompassing digital, print and radio pieces.

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Regarding services, we work on updating the visual identity of the project and on the preparation of a brand application manual, to ensure effective use in design materials. In addition, we deliver a product package comprising graphic pieces, videos and a hotsite.


Forest+ Amazon project

Research and Planning

Juliana Mendes and Manuela Costa

Visual Identity

William Jungmann